Vancouver Island's largest motorcycle training facility!

Since 1971, the Vancouver Island Safety Council's Motorcycle Training Program has helped over 10,000 British Columbia riders develop the skills,knowledge and confidence needed for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable motorcycling.

Protect yourself and your investment through professional rider training from our ICBC licensed and certified rider training school. Each year VISC introduces over 300 students to the challenging and exciting world of motorcycle riding.

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Why choose VISC for your rider training?

Beware, not all rider training schools and courses are created equal! VISC has spent over 40 years developing and updating our course curriculum. Our school is both licensed and certified by ICBC, which allows VISC to include and administer the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) as part of our training program.

VISC continues to work closely with ICBC to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding all rider training and instructor requirements.

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Learn to ride with a VISC course today!

VISC offers a wide range of rider training courses to suit multiple levels of riding ability and experience.

Novice Skills Course - Learn the fundamental riding skills needed to safely operate a motorcycle.

Traffic Skills Course - Designed to provide riders with a variety of practical riding experience, while preparing them for the ICBC Road Test.

Experienced Riders Course - Learn precision bike control techniques while refining maneuvering skills and improving emergency response performance.

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