Course Registration

When you are ready to register for a VISC course(s), student's should do the following:

1. Review our Course Schedule and make note of the dates, times, availability and course number(s) that you wish to register for.

2. As part of your course registration, you must confirm that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the VISC's Liability Waivers. You will be required to sign the necessary Liability Waivers during your Theory A Session or on your first day of training.

3. Ensure that you have obtained your motorcycle Learners License, or already have a valid Class 6/8 license, BEFORE the start date of your course!

4. Student's can register for courses either by phone, in person at our office, or by emailing a completed Course Application Form.

Phone Registration

Call the VISC Office at 250-478-9584 during office hours and our staff will assist you over the phone with getting registered for your course(s). Visa or Mastercard payments are accepted over the phone.

In-Person Registration

Stop by the VISC Office during office hours and our staff will assist you with getting registered for your course(s). Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash and Cheque accepted.

Email Registration

1. Download the Course Application Form to your computer by clicking the button below.
download Application Form - 740Kb

2. Open the downloaded Course Application Form and fill out all applicable fields. Once you have completed filling in your form, please save the form by selecting File > Save As.. and save it to your computer.

3. Email your saved and completed Course Application Form to

Email Option 1: Manually attach your completed and saved VISC Course Application Form to an email message and submit.

Email Option 2: When using Adobe Reader to view and fill out the VISC Course Application Form, you can select the Envelope icon from the header to automatically attach your completed form to an email message. NOTE: This method will not work if you are using a web based email program.


Fees must be paid in FULL or arrangements made for payment prior to starting your course(s)

Additional Training Options

If our below course schedule dates and times don't fit your schedule, or courses are full during the time frame that you require training, please contact the VISC office to discuss additional training options that may be available to you.

Training Risks & Liabilities

The Vancouver Island Safety Council takes every precaution to minimize the risk of accidents occurring during training and we have an excellent safety record to prove this. However, a certain element of risk is always present in learning to operate a motorcycle. VISC accepts the risk of damage to our training equipment and students will not be required to bear the cost of any accidental damage to our equipment.

The Vancouver Island Safety Council cannot accept responsibility for any bodily injury or damage to student's property while they are participating in our courses. All students and the parents/guardians of minors, will be required to sign a release of liability for such bodily injury or property damage before commencing training with VISC. Please familiarize yourself with our Rider Training Liability Waivers.

Cancellation & Transfer Polices

Please be aware of VISC's Cancellation and Transfer Policies before registering for any of our courses or training sessions.