MSA - Motorcycle Skills Assessment (ICBC)

The Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) is the first practical test required to qualify for a Class 6 or 8 motorcycle operator's licence. It is a vehicle-handling test, which assesses the rider's ability to operate the major controls of the motorcycle. Riders are assessed on 15 manoeuvres that are ridden in a series of circuits.

As VISC is a licensed and certified rider training school, ICBC allows our MSAO trained instructors to administer the ICBC MSA as part of our Novice Skills Course. Because Novice students are enrolled in our certified rider training program, this also waives the 14 day (30 day for GLP) mandatory waiting period in order to take the MSA upon receiving your learners license.

Students may receive up to two attempts in one day to pass the MSA, with a minimum one hour break between attempts.

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What to Expect

You'll be riding in a paved lot at slow speeds. You'll need to show that you can:

Identify the controls on your motorcycle

Push the motorcycle (non-powered)

Ride slowly and straight while using the clutch



Turn, including u-turns,three-point turns and right turns when moving

Accelerate and decelerate (this may include shifting gears)

Stop suddenly in a controlled manner (quick stop)

As you ride, your examiner watches

How you handle the clutch, throttle and brake controls

How you shift gears

Whether you keep your feet on the pegs

Whether you miss any turns or hit any traffic cones

After you Pass

Upon sucessful completion of the MSA, the following restrictions will be removed from your learners license:

60 km/h speed restriction

Need for a supervisor while riding

You will receive a new set of ICBC paperwork that you must take down to an ICBC Drivers Licensing Office within 90 days in order to be issued a new learners license with the above listed restrictions removed. All other learner license restrictions are still in effect. If your learners license expires before you receive your class 6/8 license, you will be required to re-take both the learners license knowledge test and re-ride the MSA.

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We suggest that all students review the following ICBC handbooks for motorcyclists. These handbooks are available at ICBC Drivers Licensing Offices or click below to view or download them online.


Learn to Ride Smart
Assists students with passing their motorcycle licence knowledge test, MSA skills test, and road test.Download - 63 Mb pdf


Tuning up for Riders
Helps students prepare for passing their motorcycle road test.
Download - 20 Mb pdf