Rider Training Liability Waivers

All students registered in a VISC rider training course must confirm that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the VISC's Liability Waivers in your Application for Motorcycle Rider Training. We at the Safety Council take every precaution to minimize the risk of accidents occurring during training and we have an excellent safety record to prove this. However, there is always a certain element of risk present in learning to operate a motorcycle.

VISC cannot accept responsibility for any bodily injury or damage to student's property while they are participating in our courses. All students and the parents/guardians of minors, will be required to sign a release of liability for such bodily injury or property damage before commencing training with VISC.

Medical Disclosure

IMPORTANT: Students MUST notify VISC on their application form if they suffer from any physical limitations, physical impairment, cognitive impairment, or are taking any medication that could adversely affect their physical or cognitive ability to operate the motorcycle in a safe manner.

If you do not wish to disclose medial details on your application forms, we strongly urge you to have a private discussion with your instructor. Being aware of physical or mental conditions allows your instructors to modify your training requirements if necessary as well as maintaining a safest possible training experience for you and your fellow students.

Minor Students

For minors participating in any VISC course, you MUST have your Minor Participant and Parental Consent waivers completed and signed and presented to your instructor on or before your first day of training! Minor students who do not have the Parental Consent form completed cannot participate in our courses.

All completed student forms are kept strictly confidential and no information is ever shared or released.

Please review the Liability Waivers that apply to your application.

Release of Liability

Release of Liability - Minor Participant

Release of Liability - Parent Consent


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