Frequently Asked Questions

We have accumulated a list of some of the most commonly asked questions by students. Many of the questions you may have will be answered when you attend an Intro Night Session prior to the start of your Novice Course. In the mean time, please check out the FAQ sections below.

Select and click on a topic to expand it. If you still have any questions or concerns about our school or courses, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

General FAQ's

A friend of mine has been riding motorcycles for years and has offered to teach me. Why should I take a VISC course?

Although your friend may have been riding for many years, they may unknowingly have developed incorrect or bad habits that may get passed along to you. VISC instructors are experienced and trained at teaching the fine points of how to correctly operate a motorcycle, as well as the theory behind what we teach. We also ensue that our students are up to date on current traffic laws and give you all the skills needed to pass your ICBC Class 6/8 the first time!

Do I need to have a motorcycle learner's license before I register for VISC course?

No, you do not need to have your motorcycle learner's license when you register in a course. However, you must have your motorcycle learner's license by the time your course begins.

How much in advance of a course start date should I apply to be in a course?

In recent years most of our courses have become full at least six to eight weeks before the course start date, so we recommend registering as soon as possible, so that you get into the course you want. For example, if you want to be in a course that starts in early April, submit your application in early February.

How much are your courses?

The cost of each course is listed at the bottom of each course pages under Registration Information. All prices listed do not include tax. Refer to our VISC Training Courses page to select a course in order to view it's price.

Why is the VISC course so much longer than other rider training schools?

Our course provides training in more skills as well as VISC emphasizes attaining a very high standard of proficiency in each of those skills. This equals more practice time for students which we feel is a good thing!

Where do your courses take place?

A - Weekday Novice courses take place inside Western Speedway on the track. Weekend Novice courses take place at Camosun College Interurban 'P3' parking lot. Traffic courses start and finish at the VISC garage outside Western Speedway and riding is done all around Victoria and surrounding areas. The ERC course takes place on Saturdays inside the track at Western Speedway and then Sunday morning at Camosun College Interurban in the rear parking lot P3, followed by an afternoon traffic ride. Private and Extra Training take place outside Western Speedway in the parking lot. Intro Night and theory portions of all course take place at the VISC office/classroom.

Do I ever need to go to the VISC office?

A - Yes. The Novice, Traffic and ERC theory classes are all held there in our classroom, along with all Intro Night sessions. You can also come to the office to register and pay for courses in person.



Novice Course FAQ's

Do I need to have a license to take the Novice course, or does VISC give me the license after I complete the course?

No, you do not need to have your motorcycle learner's license when you register in a course. However, you must have your motorcycle learner's license by the time your course begins. To get a motorcycle learner's license, you must study the ICBC Learn to Ride Smart Manual and then pass the knowledge test at an ICBC Drivers Licensing Office. VISC does not issue any licenses.

Am I required to have a Class 5/7 Drivers license or any driving experience in order to take this course?

No. A class 5/6drivers license is not a requirement, however it is to the student's advantage to have had some experience driving in traffic.

Why do I need to attend the Intro Night Session before starting the Novice course?

The Intro Night Session provides all students with the necessary information they need to have prior to starting their Novice Course. Paper work, course materials and waivers all need to be handed out and completed, as well as student expectations and course outlines are thoroughly discussed. Students can also ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have before the course starts.

What happens if I'm sick or miss a class?

When you register for a course, you are paying for and taking up a 'spot'. Unfortunately, once training has started, we cannot substitute or fill 'your spot' with another student. Example: You complete Day 1, but miss Day 2. You now have not received Day 2 training which is required in order to move onto Day 3. Likewise, we cannot drop in a new student to start on Day 2 as they have not had Day 1 training. In a case like this, a student could make up a missed class by means of registering and paying for an Extra Training session before your next scheduled class. No refunds are given if a student cannot continue a class.

Please read and review VISC's Cancellation and Transfer Policies for more information on this subject.

What riding gear do I need in order to take a course?

VISC requires all students to have the following gear at a minimum: jeans, boots that cover the ankle (Blundstones are NOT permitted), leather/textile gloves and a heavy denim jacket. Full face helmets are required and VISC has helmets available to borrow for both Novice and Traffic courses. Modular/flip-front helmets are also acceptable. Of course, full leather or textile riding gear is best. Rain gear is also nice to have as courses do operate rain or shine and rain gear is not provided by VISC.

Gear requirements will be discussed in detail during your Intro Night Session prior to the start of the Novice course.

Warning: if a student's gear does not at least meet VISC's minimum requirements, that student may not be able to participate in the course.

What happens if I drop or damage the motorcycle while training?

VISC will not charge students for accidental damage to our motorcycles. Drops happen; better it happen on our bike than yours! Damage resulting from intentional abuse or stunting will be charged to the student.

What should I bring to class?

For riding, bring your photo ID/Drivers License, your Class 6/8 Learners License and all your riding gear. Snacks and water are also a very good idea, especially on hot days! For cold and rainy days, please dress appropriately and bring rain gear if you have it. Dressing in layers is always a good idea to remain comfortable. On days that you have theory, you can either bring or /buy a lunch at a nearby restaurant. Please also bring your VISC Student Manual and a pen.

Do we ride in the rain?

Yes. All VISC courses operate rain or shine, so dress appropriately for the weather conditions. VISC does not provide rain gear.



Traffic Course FAQ's

Can I use my own motorcycle for the Traffic course?

No. VISC has a wide selection of motorcycles for students to select from for the duration of their traffic course. Traffic Course graduates may also use that same motorcycle to ride their ICBC Road Test at no additional charge. Of course students may use their own motorcycles for the ICBC Road Test if they wish.

I don't want to take the Novice course. Can I just do the Traffic course?

No. Our Novice Course is a prerequisite to the Traffic course and only graduates of the Novice course can enroll in our Traffic course.

I took the Novice course last year; can I still register for your Traffic course?

Yes. Students who have previously completed the Novice course within one year, may register for the Traffic course. Please note that if it has been more than 3 months since completing your Novice Skills Course, you will be required to re-ride an MSA with VISC at an additional fee prior to taking your Traffic Skills Course. This is to demonstrate to VISC instructors that you have the basic motorcycle skills needed to ride in traffic.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

No, just funds to purchase lunch and perhaps snacks during both traffic course days.

Should I bring anything with me, besides my license and riding gear?

Students can bring a water bottle, that will be carried by your instructor on their motorcycle. Student are not to wear backpacks or purses while riding during the traffic course, but be sure to bring some money for lunch. Please note that instructor cargo space is limited, so please only bring what you need to ride!

I'm not very good with directions.

The traffic course is broken up into sections throughout both days. Students will rotate and take turns leading the traffic group. Directions for the next section are thoroughly discussed with all students before setting off, .

Do we ride in the rain?

Yes. VISC courses operate rain or shine, so dress appropriately for the weather conditions. VISC does not provide rain gear.

Does VISC conduct ICBC Road Tests?

No. Only ICBC can conduct a class6 or 8 road test. The only test VISC administers is the Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) on behalf of ICBC.