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Our Novice Skills Course offers the beginner, or returning rider, an opportunity to learn and build key fundamental riding skills in a closed environment. This course is designed to take even the most inexperienced of rider and have them safely and confidently operating a motorcycle after just a few hours. Our courses uses a 'building block' approach to learning where we take skills such as moving off from a stop or shifting gears, and we break them down into several, smaller exercises. Students then practice each component, all while receiving constant supervision and feedback from their instructors. Each practical riding session ends with individual progress evaluations with your instructor.

The Novice Skills Course concludes with students riding the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA).

Practical Training

Students will directly apply knowledge learned from classroom theory sessions during their practical training sessions (riding). Each student will use a motorcycle supplied by VISC in order to practice and become proficient in both slow and high speed control maneuvers.

Our ICBC licensed instructors are on hand to instruct, coach and assist each student through all the required course exercises. Some of these exercises include:

Basic balance and braking

Slow speed control techniques (u-turns, slaloms, figure 8)

Defensive riding tactics

Clutch/throttle control

High speed steering

Cornering and curves

Emergency maneuvers (braking & collision avoidance)

All the skills needed to ride a successful ICBC MSA

Confidence in your riding abilities!

Classroom Theory

The Novice Skills Course has three integrated theory sessions that take place in our classroom; Theory A, B and C. During these three sessions, students will participate in discussions and exercises that cover many aspects of operating and riding a motorcycle in today's traffic

A combination of handouts, presentations and group discussion help to complement the lessons being taught. Some of the topics covered in the Novice theory sessions include:

Scanning and hazard detection

Space cushion

Lane position and lane dominance

Riding in today's traffic

Traffic rules and regulations

Group and special riding situations

Important Novice Course Reminders

Training Ratio: 5 Students to 1 Instructor (Novice Course: 10 Students, 2 Instructors)

Participants must attend the 2.5 hour Unit A Theory session prior to their first day of Novice training and is included as part of the Novice course. Refer to our Course Schedule for dates and times.

Participants must have a valid Motorcycle Learners License in order to participate in this course and must bring it with them to EVERY class. No license, No riding!

Participants under the age of 19yrs old must have a completed consent form signed by their parents or legal guardians

Participants are required to provide their own adequate riding gear (jacket, boots, pants and gloves). Helmets can be provided to you if you do not already own one (full details and requirements regarding proper rider gear are discussed at the Unit A Theory session.

If possible, please arrive to all classes 10-15min early

It's a good idea to bring water and a snack to practical sessions as well as a lunch on the days that you have theory sessions

Dress appropriately for weather conditions (warm clothes, rain gear, layers, etc). We ride rain or shine!


Registration Information

Course: Novice Skills Course
Cost: $525.00 + GST
Duration: 24 hours total over 4 days
Course Dates/Times: Courses available Weekends (WE) or Weekdays (WD), in both Morning (AM) and Afternoon (PM) sessions. Please note that two out of the four Novice course days are full days; the other two days are half days, either morning or afternoon depending on your selection of AM or PM.
Course Location(s): Theory Sessions (AM & PM): VISC Classroom Weekday (WD) Riding: On the track at Western Speedway Weekend (WE) Riding: Camosun College Interurban 'P3' parking lot

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Training Risks & Liabilities

The Vancouver Island Safety Council takes every precaution to minimize the risk of accidents occurring during training and we have an excellent safety record to prove this. However, a certain element of risk is always present in learning to operate a motorcycle. VISC accepts the risk of damage to our training equipment and students will not be required to bear the cost of any accidental damage to our equipment.

The Vancouver Island Safety Council cannot accept responsibility for any bodily injury or damage to student's property while they are participating in our courses. All students and the parents/guardians of minors, will be required to sign a release of liability for such bodily injury or property damage before commencing training with VISC. Please familiarize yourself with our Rider Training Liability Waivers.

Cancellation & Transfer Polices

Please be aware of VISC's Cancellation and Transfer Policies before registering for any of our courses or training sessions.


I took both the Novice and Traffic courses. I left feeling safer, more confident and ready to ride. I learned a lot of things I didn't know before like where to ride in the lane in each situation, and how to stop suddenly (which took a lot of nerve!). I can drive very slowly and safely between cones, in a u turn etc with complete confidence and without putting my feet down by using my clutch. Which comes in handy during the Colwood crawl. The instructors at VISC were terrific and super supportive.

Karen S.
VISC Novice & Traffic Course Graduate
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