Extra Training Sessions

The Vancouver Island Safety Council offers extra motorcycle training sessions to our students who require or want some extra training. Extra training sessions are used to work on practicing specific skills or if a student just wants some more time 'in the saddle'.

If a student is having difficulty with the course material, their Novice instructors may suggest or require them to undertake some extra training before continuing with their course training. In either case, extra training options will be thoroughly explained with the student by the instructing staff.

Training sessions can be a very worth while and beneficial investment as you will receive 1 on 1 training with one of our ICBC licensed instructors who will be able to identify and help you correct most riding issues that you may be encountering. Students who have participated in extra training continually remark on how helpful the extra training was to their confidence and riding abilities.

Two or more students can group together and split the cost* of an extra training session to make extra training sessions more accessible and affordable.

Not a VISC student? Not a problem

If you are not a current or previous student with VISC, we can offer individual or small group lessons to riders who currently hold a valid Class 6/8 BC licence. This training is only provided to those who are unable to enroll in either of our Novice or Experienced Rider Courses. You may use your own motorcycle or rent one of our VISC motorcycles for an additional cost.


Registration Information

Course: Extra Training (for registered Novice or Traffic studnets)
1 student: $130.00 + $6.50 = $136.50
2 students: $195 + $9.75 = $204.75 (per student = $110.50)
3 students: $260 + $13.00 = $273 (per student = $91.00)

(Class 6 Training: $60/Hour - non-students with their own motorcycle)
(Class 6 Training with our motorcycle: $75/Hour - non-students)

Course Dates/Times: By request and based on instructor availability
Course Location: VISC Garage at the entrance to Western Speedway parking lot.

As Extra Training sessions are personalized to your specific needs, please contact the VISC office to discuss and register for your extra training session(s).




Training Risks & Liabilities

The Vancouver Island Safety Council takes every precaution to minimize the risk of accidents occurring during training and we have an excellent safety record to prove this. However, a certain element of risk is always present in learning to operate a motorcycle. VISC accepts the risk of damage to our training equipment and students will not be required to bear the cost of any accidental damage to our equipment.

the Vancouver Island Safety Council cannot accept responsibility for any bodily injury or damage to student's property while they are participating in our courses. All students and the parents/guardians of minors, will be required to sign a release of liability for such bodily injury or property damage before commencing training with VISC. Please familiarize yourself with our Rider Training Liability Waivers.

Cancellation & Transfer Polices

Please be aware of VISC's Cancellation and Transfer Policies before registering for any of our courses or training sessions.

The Extra Training offered by VISC is a fantastic way to spend a little bit more time in a no pressure setting building skills.

Earlier this year I took the Novice Skills course, and had signed up for the Traffic Skills course a couple of weeks later. As the Novice Skills course wrapped up, I started playing a head game with myself. Was I really ready to head out from the safety of a parking lot into the real world? I needed a bit of a confidence boost, and the Extra Training gave me just that. I spent about 90 minutes being coached, and challenged, by a VISC instructor in a one-on-one setting, and that little bit of extra time was all I needed to gain the confidence I was seeking.

Steve C.
VISC Novice & Traffic Student
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