Experienced Rider Course - $395.00

Many motorcyclists learn to ride on their own, without the help of professional training. As a result, many have serious gaps in their knowledge of motorcycle control techniques or have gained poor habits over the years, which increase safety risks. The riders that have taken rider training, often do not practice skills learned on those courses on their own motorcycles.

Our Experienced Rider Course is designed to hone and master fundamental control techniques, refine and extend maneuvering skills and improve emergency response performance. Unlike our Novice and Traffic courses, you will ride this course and all exercises using your own motorcycle!

The Experienced Riders Course is taught over a weekend, starting on Friday evening with a 2.5 hour classroom session reviewing what is to come during the course. Over the following two days, students will participate in over 15 hours of practical training with their motorcycles. Students will perform various exercises including some based on police motorcycle training layouts.

The course finishes with students taking their newly learned skills to the streets for a traffic riding session with their instructors.

Who should take this course?

Riders with no previous formal motorcycle training

Riders who are comfortable with their motorcycles and have reached the limit of what they can teach themselves

Novice and Traffic course graduates wanting to take the next step in rider training

Any rider who want to significantly improve their overall motorcycle handling skills and performance

What you will learn on this course

Master fundamental control techniques

Refine and extend maneuvering skills

Improve Emergency response performance

How to use power for maximum control

Your bike's handling limits

Secrets to precise steering control

How to get maximum braking power without skidding

Engaging your ABS system (if applicable)

Critical emergency response techniques


Important Course Reminders

Training Ratio: 4 Students to 1 Instructor

We recommend that students have at least 1yr riding experience

This is not a pre-race or performance riding course!

Participants must have a valid Motorcycle License

Participants under the age of 19yrs old must have a completed consent form signed by their parents or guardians

Participants are required to provide their own adequate riding gear (helmet, jacket, boots, pants and gloves). Gear will be reviewed during the Friday evening theory session.

If possible, please arrive to all classes 10-15min early

Bring water and snacks as well as a lunch (or there are several restaurants near by)

Dress appropriately for weather conditions (warm clothes, rain gear, layers, etc). We ride rain or shine!


Registration Information

Course: Experienced Rider Course
Cost: $395.00 + GST
Duration: 17 hours total over 3 days
Course Times: Friday evening Theory: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 2:30pm and Sunday
: 8:00am to aprox 3:00pm
Course Location(s): Friday evening Theory: VISC Classroom Saturday: On the track at Western Speedway Sunday: Morning session held at Camosun College Interurban 'P3' parking lot, followed by discretionary traffic riding
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Training Risks & Liabilities

The Vancouver Island Safety Council takes every precaution to minimize the risk of accidents occurring during training and we have an excellent safety record to prove this. However, a certain element of risk is always present in learning to operate a motorcycle. VISC accepts the risk of damage to our training equipment and students will not be required to bear the cost of any accidental damage to our equipment.

The Vancouver Island Safety Council cannot accept responsibility for any bodily injury or damage to student's property while they are participating in our courses. All students and the parents/guardians of minors, will be required to sign a release of liability for such bodily injury or property damage before commencing training with VISC. Please familiarize yourself with our Rider Training Liability Waivers.

Cancellation & Transfer Polices

Please be aware of VISC's Cancellation and Transfer Policies before registering for any of our courses or training sessions.


This is an email to thank VISC for the ERC course and a testimonial as to its worth. Cruising at 100kph I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye to the left. The movement turned into a black bear coming out of the forested ditch on the left, hell bent on racing across the highway to the right side ditch and forest.

I instantaneously new it was a collision course situation. I grabbed the front brake as hard as I could while trying to get my right foot off the highway peg down to the rear brake. In the few seconds of full braking power at full speed I managed to stay up, straight and see the bear pass my front fender by a few feet. I was extremely lucky to survive this situation unhurt. I believe most of my 'luck' was due to the emergency braking/avoidance practice I got from the ERC course a few months before. I had never experienced full emergency braking until I took the ERC course. I thought emergency braking was dangerous and scary so why would I try it for fun?. My feeling now is, 'I have no fear of emergency braking therefore I didn't die'. For this I thank VISC and its instructors. I feel the courses offered by VISC should be mandatory if biker safety and survival is a priority.

Bob H.
VISC ERC Course Graduate
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