Certified vs. Uncertified Rider Training - There is a Difference

The Vancouver Island Safety Council is an ICBC licensed and certified rider training school. This means that our training curriculum has been approved by ICBC, which authorizes VISC to conduct the MSA (Motorcycle Skills Assessment) as part of our Novice Skills Course. VISC is also regulated to a maximum ratio of five students per one instructor, as well as ensuring we teach a minimum number of theory and practical training hours.

Uncertified schools are licensed by ICBC, however ICBC does not regulate what they teach, or the manner in which they teach it. These schools have no minimum teaching requirements and no regulations on student to instructor ratios. Students of uncertified schools must also separately attend an ICBC driver services location in order to ride and complete the MSA.

Make sure to ask questions and research the motorcycle training school that you decide to receive your Class 6/8 training from. If you have any questions about VISC or any of our courses, please contact us.

The VISC Training Advantage

Separate Novice and Traffic training courses

ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) included as part of our Novice Skills Course

The 14 day waiting period to ride the MSA is waived by taking our Novice Skills course

Two days of riding in our Traffic Skills Course

Reserved ICBC Road Test time slots for VISC
Traffic Course graduates

No cost to VISC traffic graduates to use VISC traffic motorcycles for their ICBC Road Test

ICBC MSA pass rate has consistently been close to 95% (combined 1st & 2nd tests)

ICBC Road Test pass rate has consistently been 91% first time pass rate

Weekend and Weekday courses

Wide range of sizes and styles of motorcycles to choose from for our Traffic Skills Course

VISC employs over twenty dedicated, ICBC certified instructors

Over 40 years experience of teaching motorcyclists how to ride confidently and safely

Student's receive exclusive coupons and discounts for gear and motorcycles from many of our supporters

VISC provides all training motorcycles for Novice, Traffic and Extra Training courses/sessions

Office open M - F 9:00am to 4:00pm (Mar - Oct)

Vancouver Island Rider Training School Comparisons

Remember that not all courses and schools are created equal. When learning how to ride a motorcycle, going with the "quickest and cheapest" is not always the best investment plan for a long and safe riding career!. Here is a break down of our courses and what is provided, along with a current comparison of other Island based rider training schools.

Rider Training School Price* Available Theory
 VISC Novice Skills Course
   - MSA included
$525 WD & WE 10 15 -
 VISC Traffic Skills Course
   - Free use of bike for ICBC road test
$325 WD & WE 0.75 - 16
 School "A" Novice Course $525 WE 8 12 -
 School "A" TrafficCourse $235 WE - - 3
 School "B" Novice & Traffic Course
 - $60 bike rental fee for road test
- MSA included
$875 WE 8 12 5
 School "C" Novice & Traffic Course
   - MSA not included in course
   - $150 bike rental fee for road test
$750 WE 8 14 3
 School "D" Novice Course
  -MSA included
$750 WE 8 10 -
School "D" Traffic Course 400 WE - - 5
* Prices listed do not include taxes WD = Weekday  WE = Weekend


"This course was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. The instructors were so personable and knowledgeable that they made learning to ride and learning the skills to be safe on the road second nature.VISC instructors have so much experience and really do care that we learn everything correctly so that we are safe riders and stay alive on the roads. They taught us to ride to the best of our abilities and to enjoy the thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle. I cant wait until I have as much experience and stories to share as they do, and experience is the key - you never have enough and I know that every moment on a motorcycle is a learning moment! Fantastic job VISC keep it up and I hope that ALL riders take the course."
Debra R.
VISC Novice and Traffic Course Graduate
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