VISC Board of Directors

The VISC Board is a talented and creative collection of experience, all dedicated to the idea of road safety. The success and reputation for excellence enjoyed by the VISC is entirely the result of the commitment of the course instructors- something our graduates already know, and our new students will soon come to appreciate.
- Stuart Eastwood - President


Nigel Beattie - President

Nigel has been happily riding motorcycles throughout North America for the past 45 years. For the last six years he has taught with the VISC and is now the chief mechanic for VISC as well as being on the Board of Directors. Giving back to the motorcycling community is truly an honor that Nigel takes quite seriously and hopes to continue doing for many years to come.

Steve Drane - Vice President

Steve has been involved with the Vancouver Island Safety Council since 1971 as instructor, Chief instructor or board member. Steve has also been involved in the motorcycle industry in Victoria since 1969. Steve also spent many years and was the owner and operator of Steve Drane Harley-Davidson.


Bill Laughlin

After retiring from the Victoria Police Department (including motorcycle traffic officer), Bill became a licensed motorcycle instructor in 2002 and then took on the role of Executive Director of VISC in 2004. When Bill is not instructing, one can usually find him helping out with the "man behind the scenes" operations that makes VISC run so smoothly.

Gerry Webb

Director with the Vancouver Island Safety Council since the late 1990s and president in 2000, Gerry has had an impressive 30 year military career along with another 14 years as a civil servant within the DND. Gerry has also been involved with developing both health and safety policies as well as training training programs for the Corps of Commissionaires. Retired in 2004, Gerry is now an active member of the Esquimalt Lions Club and Past Zone Chair for Lions District 19-1-2.

Brian Leah - Treasurer

A member of VISC since 1984 as a motorcycle instructor and treasurer for the past 7 years, Brian was a former police motorcycle officer and police motorcycle instructor. Brian has owned and enjoys riding all sorts of motorcycles and really enjoys touring. Brian has ridden in N. America, Asia and Europe and enjoys the freedom that a motorcycle brings.


Kerry Wilk

Kerry has been an avid supporter of the Vancouver Island Safety Council for many years and became a board member in 2012. Kerry is the owner or Action Motorcycles in Esquimalt and continues to provided VISC with several different motorcycles for use in our Traffic Skills course.


Alex Campbell

Alex is a retired police officer and has been an avid motorcyclist for over 50 years. Alex spent over 10 years as a VISC instructor and has been a member of our board since 2012.


Charmaine Van Tine

Charmaine has been a board member since 2009. Charmaine brings her passion of riding and twenty four years of notary public experience to VISC.


Alex Bolz
Alex has been involved with the Vancouver Island Safety Council for several years and became a board member in 2012. Alex is the owner or Savage Cycles in Langford. Alex has also contributed various motorcycles for use in VISC Traffic Skill courses.