A History of Safety

The Vancouver Island Safety Council (VISC) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing top quality safety education training to the South Island community. Starting In the late 1960's, the Safety Council started with the Tom Thumb Safety Program. In 1971, motorcycle training was introduced and added to the Safety Council by several people from the local motorcycle dealerships, including Steve Drane.

In 1974, the Canada Safety Council (CSC) started a motorcycle training program and VISC became a partner. The CSC manual for motorcycle rider training was based on the one created by VISC. As of today, the Vancouver Island Safety Council's Motorcycle Training Program has helped over 10,000 British Columbia riders develop the skills,knowledge and confidence needed for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable motorcycling.

Focused on Rider Training

Over the years, VISC had gained a strong reputation on Vancouver Island as 'the place' to learn how to ride a motorcycle. In 2012, VISC focused its training and education efforts solely on rider training and withdrew from the Tom Thumb Safety and Driver Training programs. Each year VISC introduces over 300 new students to the challenging and exciting world of motorcycle riding. Our Novice training program exceeds the ICBC Certified training course minimums by at least 8 hours, and our two day traffic course is the longest of all riding schools in BC. We believe the extra riding time equates to better prepared riders as they have the confidence needed to ride safely on the road and pass their ICBC Road Test on the first try.

Dedicated Instructors

We are proud to employ over twenty professionally trained and ICBC licensed instructors who all have a passion to share their knowledge and enjoyment of motorcycling with our students. Each VISC instructor has undergone over 100 hours of training in our instructor training program before teaching a single course. Our instructors all hold current first aid , AED and CPR certifications. The end result is a core group of well trained, knowledgeable, friendly and professional instructors. Simply speak with a VISC course graduate and they will tell you how knowledgeable, helpful and fun their instructors were. To date, word of mouth from our students has been VISC's best form of advertising!

Why choose VISC for your rider training?

Beware, not all rider training schools and courses are created equal! VISC has spent over 40 years designing and updating our course curriculum. Our school is both licensed and certified by ICBC. This allows VISC to include and administer the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) as part of our training program. We continue to work closely with ICBC to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding all the rider training and teaching requirements.
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